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    via @undefined A good way to find out if they like the great outdoors. Don't worry about not having the right gear, you can always rent them at North Bank Lodge or Outfitters. via @paintnite Time to get in touch with your creative side! Even as adults we can’t help but feel that delicious anticipation when handed a package with our name on it. On the other hand, what you give really is important. Example: A sampling of chocolates from places you’ve visited around the world; a copy of your favorite book, with a note about why it’s meaningful to you; a special meal you prepare from scratch.

    Who is lil chuckee dating

    [Refrain: Nicki Minaj] Better strap up your boots Before they start to shoot Then do it for the troops It’s Young Money salute [Verse 1: Lil' Twist] So sick with the flow Yeah your cowboys know that Lil Twist Been a pro way before Romo or T. I - no Wallace, your kids gettin' demolished I’m bookin' on your suckers like I'm just leaving college But smart, very smart - too smart for your knowledge Too smart once more, Wayne called me a genius It’s YME, nothin' gets in between us [Bridge: Lil' Chuckee] Tell Wayne I’m goin' in like somebody bout to bury me In this rap game, nobody could ever bury me That's why you see me on stage rockin' with Young Money I told my team I got us man, it’s all on me Like Volume two B.G., I got my crew with me Twist, Mack, Millz, Gudda and my baby Nicki Every time I’m on the track it’s ransom Can’t find us anymore, it’s random When Young Money come through you better salute us [Refrain] [Verse 2: Jae Millz] Hey I solemnly swear if it ever go down You ain't never got to call me cause I’mma be there Let's get to the point like elbows, my crew harder than shell toes Strapped like Velcro and this we running hell no And truthfully, aimin' for number one, oh do we You ask why I aim high Cause nobody remember two or three Cross YM and them will make a movie We all we can be, respect the army and salute we [Gudda Gudda] Young Money army, we marching We coming forward, no warning We got these boys running like Forest So salute me like a general First place, never last Always on top and I’m a chief like a Seminole Got the game in strangle hold no letting up You can get the top, you can pop like 7-Up Knock knock let us up, Young Money applaud me And we’ll take the game out your hands like a joy stick [Nicki Minaj] I’ma need my badges and my ribbons Maybe it will make up for everything that I wasn’t given Everything that I’ve given, I swear I’ll never give in Just look at what I’ve been in and this is just the beginning I d-d-do it cause I did it for my ballerina girls Blowing kisses to the soldiers, I am Marilyn Monroe But we shoot shoot shoot em up, camouflage me Cause Young Money is the Navy better yet the Army [Hook] [Verse 3 - Lil Wayne] Commander-in-Chief One hand on the World, one hand on the brief I stand on the world, bitch I stand on the peak Of the game, and the girls, and the guap, now that's G Don’t ask me about shit but money Fuckin’ right my money long I got that 10-foot money I get it fast when I get to the money When I walk, it sounds like 10 foots running I meant feet, I’m in deep like wet pussy I’m a purple heart proven war vet, rookie You can’t even sit next to me Now bring money or death to me, or don’t step to me Now don’t step nigga, march with me To the steps of the court building Like ain’t we God’s children?Previous Money Issues: In November 2013, Gucci Mane filed a lawsuit against his former manager Debra Antney and her son, fellow rapper Waka Flocka Flame.In the lawsuit, Gucci claims Debra and Waka robbed him blind while he was their client. Lil’ Wayne continues his perpetrator speech, “You better be now. I am motivated to write this blog because I fear that the majority of the 248,000 people who have viewed the below installment of the documentary are children who, will assume that Lil’ Wayne’s way of responding to his own rape, (to become a predator), is acceptable behavior. Of course, the men laugh because it has always been tolerated thought that a man becomes a man after his first piece of a**. You supposed to.” Watching this documentary made every cell in my body react; the hairs in unseen places stood up. says: December 7, 2011 at pm Yall Niggas over reaching with this bullshit.

    During their sit-down, the Cash Money Records artist chatted about how he looks like Lil Wayne, his take on Wayne wanting to leave Cash Money, and called Wayne “his generation’s Jay-Z”.He was grown there but later his family moved to Atlanta, Georgia when hurricane Katrina struck.He is American and is of African American ethnicity. He was discovered by Lil Wayne when he was 9 after seeing him rapping him in video but his parents didn’t allow him and insisted him to wait for couple of years.Mane served a six-month jail term for assault in late 2005 and during that time was also charged with murder, but the charges eventually dropped.Mane served a year in prison for violating probation on his 2005 assault conviction.

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